recently happend kernel panics regarding usb

Julian Elischer julian at
Tue Jan 27 14:36:50 PST 2009

Oliver Lehmann wrote:
> Markus Hitter wrote:
>> If you throw the EHCI driver out of the kernel your drive will use  
>> either OHCI or UHCI (both are slow). This seems to help, at least for  
>> the limited things I use this pen drive now.
> I'm not sure, that this g_vfs_done is related to the panic. I've attached
> the drive to an uhci drived port on the same machine, started an fsck and
> I've got an immediate panic:
> trying to sleep while sleeping is prohibited

when you hold a mutex in the kernel you are not allowed to go to sleep
as other kernel actors may need that mutex..
OR a interrupt thread is trying to sleep.
I doubt it has anything to do with a usb device hibernating.

> If I remember it correctly. The driver has some power saving feature
> which shuts the drive down if it is not used for some time and spins it
> up when a request arrives. But yesterday I powered the drive up... waited
> some secunds and started then a fsck. So I guess it was not in a
> "shutdown" state - So I wonder who requested a sleep ;)

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