Olympus D-540 camera + umass = crash

Toomas Aas toomas.aas at raad.tartu.ee
Sun Apr 5 02:25:21 PDT 2009

Sunday 05 April 2009 10:29:10 kirjutas Lars Eighner:

> A number of upgrade cycles ago, when I loaded umass, I could plug in my
> Olympus D-540 camera.  It would be recognized as a da device and could be
> mounted as a FAT drive (i.e. msdosfs).


> Eventually the HPLIP driver was improved to the point that it broke the
> scan, fax, and card reader functions.  But it still works as a printer.
> Meanwhile it seems umass was upgraded to the point that it can no longer
> use the camera.  So I cannot get photos out of my camera either way.

Can you set the camera to PTP mode? If so, you may be able to use gtkam to get 
photos out of the camera. It's the only way my RELENG_7 box is able to talk 
to my Nikon Coolpix L5, which caused the machine to crash when used in umass 
mode (http://lnk.nu/freebsd.org/u9q.cgi).


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