UC-Logic Tablet update

Chuck Robey chuckr at chuckr.org
Thu Mar 6 21:46:38 UTC 2008

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I thought I would give an update as to where things stand, so anyone who
recognizes me doing something like running into a brick wall could shout
something appropriate at me.

I'd forgotten that I needed to look at the Xinput before I jumped off on
the USB driver.  No huge problem, because while I had already begun coding,
I didn't lose all that much.  I tried to find any other graphic tablet that
might be compatible, but it looks like a washout, but I did see via google
several places referring to the WP8060 as the Superpen, so that's what I
think I'll call it, it makes me smile.

There's a SF project called LinuxWacom which is writing a driver )bth
FreeBSD, as serial only, and Linux, serial or USB) for the Wacom Tablet,
and this includes the Xinput driver, so I think I can probably use their
code as a jumping off point.  I asked their permission on this, maybe they
won't take that too badly, which would be great.

On reading the X.org site, it appears that Dbus is also involved, at lesat
in a minor way, so I need to look in that direction also.  This should
prove easier that the Xinput stuff, which seems to be singularly undocumented.

Anyone who wants to contribut on either the dbus part of the Xinput part is
welcome, but I am not giving up the USB part, I  have given too much to
that already, I'm not gonna share that.

Thanks for the interest, I wouldn't be so far without all the useful hints
I've gotten so far.
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