Device IDs for HP hs2300 HSDPA modem

Nick Hibma nick at
Tue Dec 2 02:18:58 PST 2008

File a PR if you would like to have it changed. Update all the entries you 
would have changed.


> > 1.  The Sierra MC8775 chipsets are defined as U3GSP_HSDPA in u3g.c,
> > which matches their marketing
> >     (vendor and provider) name, but it seems that based on the
> > downstream definition this means only 1.2MBit/s,
> >     while chipset and network are supposed to deliver at least
> > 3.6MBit/s (or optional 7.2), so I think
> >     they should be defined as HSPA (7.2MBit up/384kbit down)
> Those definition set the buffering but anything above 384k (UMTS) is
> capped anyway. Unless real performance is lower than expected this is not
> something to worry about.
> Nick

AnyWi Technologies

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