usb4bsd patch review [was Re: ...]

Kris Kennaway kris at
Thu Aug 21 16:45:17 UTC 2008

Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
> On Thursday 21 August 2008, Kris Kennaway wrote:
>> Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
>>>> * How much of the userland support is incomplete or in flux, and what
>>>> functionality is missing for users of the usb2 code until it is
>>>> finished?
>>> The USB userland library is nearly complete. All it lacks is proper
>>> documentation:
>>> svn --username anonsvn --password anonsvn \
>>>       checkout svn://
>>> The USB config utility is also starting to become finished. It will be
>>> renamed to usbconfig. Currently it is called usbview :
>>> svn --username anonsvn --password anonsvn \
>>>       checkout svn://
>> So...what functionality is missing for users of the usb2 code until it
>> is finished?
>> Stated even more clearly, what things will users of the USB2 code not be
>> able to do until the above userland code is imported?
>> Seriously, I'm trying to understand this!
> Hi,
> There are some USB drivers which run in userland that will not work until this 
> library is complete. These are currently not part of the FreeBSD 
> distribution. You find them in /usr/ports :
> grep libusb /usr/ports/INDEX
> The kernel USB drivers provided under /sys/dev/usb2 do not directly depend on 
> any userland utilities, but rather indirectly through the TTY, KBD, NET ...
> One exception is the USB mouse driver which depends on "moused", and currently 
> have some warnings because moused tries to load the old ums module, which 
> fails.

OK, now we're approaching half way.  The moused thing should be 
documented somewhere with a workaround (or fix).  If the new ums2 module 
is present before moused is started will it still try to load the old 
one?  Is there another workaround?

What about the second thing: usbconfig?


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