Patches for usb/46176 (problems with umass removal before unmount)

Henrik Gulbrandsen henrik at
Thu Nov 1 05:03:06 PDT 2007

This is not a complete fix, but this bug has been, eh... bugging me ever
since I first crashed my system back in 2004. I had a set of patches for
5.3-BETA3, but it was too late to have it included on the 5.3 track, and
since I was expecting some heavy redesign in the involved kernel parts,
I dropped the patch delivery.

Unfortunately, not that much has changed in this area in the past three
years, and the current behavior is still far from the ideal I'd prefer:
when you plug in a USB memory stick, a new directory is automatically
mounted, and when it is unplugged, the directory silently disappears.

The attached umass.tar.gz file contains patches and scripts that will
give you this functionality in about 99% of the cases. The exact point
of failure had moved a little since 5.3-BETA3, but the panic is still
not difficult to avoid. However, the code is still highly experimental.
In about 1% of USB detaches, the kernel will freeze. More specifically,
in my four test runs, it happened after 63, 107, 6, and 321 cycles of
attach followed by detach. Your mileage will most likely vary.

I understand that the disk and file systems were not really designed for
disappearing devices, so it's not that surprising if some lock is left
locked under some circumstances. Or something completely different :-)
Normally, I would continue looking for it, but I have other plans for
the next month or two, so I don't know if I'll get the time. Perhaps
someone else is interested enough to give it a shot...

Anyway, here is a quick overview of the contents of umass.tar.gz:

etc/usbd.conf.patch: an added entry in the usbd.conf file, to handle the
umass devices. Yeah, I know... this should probably have used devd.conf
instead, but this part is three years old and I didn't want to rerun the
321 attach/detach tests to verify that there is no important difference.

etc/usbd/umass: the script that handles mounting and unmounting of the
device directory under /media. I tried to make it work as expected, but
I only have a single environment and a single USB memory stick to test
with, so there may be some issues left. You'll get the gist, though...

home/.umass: the main umass script will mount a directory if there is a
single X11 user, or if there is no X11 user but a single user logged in
at a local text terminal. The new directory will be owned by that user.
If a .umass file exists in the user's home directory, it will be run to
do more advanced things with the data. The included .umass is an example
script that opens the GNOME file manager when the directory is mounted.

src/msdosfs_vfsops.c.patch: the msdosfs will normally try to write the
"clean" bit back to disk at unmount. When the drive is unplugged without
warning, this would not only leave the file system marked as dirty, but
will also cause a write failure. This patch modifies the implementation
to keep the bit clean all the time if the file system is mounted with
the "-o sync" option. This should be the case for USB memory sticks.

src/usb_subr.c.patch: the usbd fails to match a usbd.conf entry during
detach, since the detach event is filled in after the device is gone.
This is easily fixed by moving a line to fill in the information before
we clear all the relevant data.

src/vfs_bio.c.patch: when the device is gone, remaining write attempts
will correctly fail with ENXIO, but the failed buffer will get stuck in
the sync queue. In 5.3-BETA3, this wasn't obvious until it blocked the
unmounting of file systems at shutdown. Nowadays, it's detected earlier
but this patch still seems to help.

src/vfs_mount.c.patch: the only null-pointer problem left in the way of
detaching is when the unmounting code discovers that it couldn't access
the device and attempts to backtrack the correct handling already done.
This patch makes it ignore the ENXIO error and finish the unmounting.

That's it. I would hate to see another major release of FreeBSD where a
system must be rebooted just because you forgot to do the umount before
unplugging a umass device. It may again be too late to fix the remaining
problems in time for the release, but I am at least hoping to see things
work in 8-CURRENT Real Soon Now...


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