Call for Testers: FreeBSD webcam driver (and more)

Luigi Rizzo rizzo at
Wed Jan 31 01:04:53 UTC 2007

I think I reached a first interesting milestone in my project
to build an emulation layer to compile linux device drivers on FreeBSD.

I managed to build a FreeBSD port of the linux 'gspca' driver (which claims
to support 228 different webcams) with basically no modifications to
the original source. So it would be good if someone could give a try
to this code, either on -current or -stable, keeping in mind that

More details on how the thing works are at

together of course with source code, and even binary modules
for FreeBSD 6.2.
Basically I would like to know how it builds/works on -current,
have reports on cameras that work with it and those which don't
and so on. The driver supports the Video4Linux API so it should
be useful for a variety of applications.


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