Huawei E220 3G devices

Jes jjjesss at
Wed Feb 14 21:21:44 UTC 2007

Hi Joao and everybody:

I hacked ubsa as well before posting in this list with no positive
result. My system do not detect any serial port. I'm very frustrated
with this issue because I can't use the modem in FreeBSD... an Option
HSDPA pcmcia doesn't work too... very very disappointed...  

Thanks, greetings,


On Wed, 14 Feb 2007 16:11:21 +0000
Joao Barros <joao.barros at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Sorry for my late coment on this, but after getting a new Macbook Pro
> I got distracted ;)
> In December I was looking into this and (I'm talking out of my head
> now) after I patched ubsa with this device IDs I got it to be
> detected, although it only connects to one of the two serial devices
> present, the modem one I think. From what I recall I was able to
> register the device to the network by sending the PIN command through
> the modem port but after using a software usb sniffer in windows I
> noticed that this command and others (network status maybe) are sent
> using the 2nd serial port.
> If this is correct, the PIN command can be sent through the normal
> dialup script, with a pause before the dialing attempt to let the
> device register. Of course after the device is registered this is
> unnecessary and time consuming.
> I'm thinking of doing a small daemon where you just need to configure
> the 2nd serial port and the PIN and it takes cares of registering the
> device on the network, monitor network status, signal strength,etc.
> The Vodafone OSX driver+App does this, contrary to the "I'm on/off"
> Windows App so if anyone knows a USB data software sniffer for OSX I
> could get the reverse engineer the commands .
> Of course, this will only work if the 2nd serial port gets usable in
> FreeBSD. This small app can then be used to drive more 3G cards which
> I guess some people would welcome :)

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