(Please test) New blackberry (uberry) driver.

Craig Boston cb at severious.net
Fri Aug 17 13:08:11 PDT 2007

On Fri, Aug 17, 2007 at 10:57:49AM -0600, Kirk Davis wrote:
> I have tested it with an 8830, 8100, and an 8703e but nit with the
> 8700 so far.  I'll have to look around work and I'm sure I can dig up
> an 8700 to test with.

Mine is an 8700c, but I'm pretty sure the 'c' just indicates vendor

> Are you sure that it is charging at 500mA rate without the do_charge
> routing in there?  You can check this with the 'usbdevs -v' command.
> It should show 500mA power rate.

Aha, it seems that the command that was sent to the blackberry by your
version of the driver stays in effect for a while even after the cable
is disconnected.  When I first reverted back to the OpenBSD driver, it
used 100mA with config 0 and 500mA with config 1.  Now that I've power
cycled the blackberry, it uses 100mA on both configs.

> Then the device disconnects and reconnects to the buss with the higher
> charge rate enabled.  That might be why you are seeing it detach and
> reattach.  

Yes, I suspect that the 8700 unconditionally detaches after receiving
the command to enable 500mA charging, so I was getting into a loop when
it reattached and the command was sent again.  I think what needs to be
done is detect the power setting on the bus and avoid sending the
command again if it's already 500mA.


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