usb/110988: [patch] Handling of quirk IGNORE_RESIDUE is umass.c is broken

grem freebsdusb at
Fri Apr 6 14:56:57 UTC 2007

Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
> On Wednesday 04 April 2007 16:09, grem wrote:
>> Hi,
>> is there any way to get this into the source tree?
> Yes, I can take this patch into the P4 tree if you change it a little bit.
> I want this invalid residue detection to be all automatic:
> If the first residue you get is invalid, then it should use the USB transfer 
> counts for residue for the rest of the lifetime of the device. Else it should 
> use the standard invalid residue check.
> --HPS

Imho we should support both, so that devices which are so broken that we can't detect the
invalid residue (like I tried to point out before) still have the quirk so force it manually.

Can you do the autodetection on your own or do you want me to do the change to the patch
and repost it so you can review? I have only one broken USB device, so if anyone out there
has access to more it would be extremely helpful.

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