Dead USB keyboard problem and solution

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Tue Jun 6 14:12:13 UTC 2006

     In early booting stage before /boot/loader is loaded, your USB
keyboard is driven by BIOS, emulating a PS/2 keyboard. Once kernel has
initialized USB keyboard, BIOS will not handle USB keyboard any longer.
     As far as I know, /boot/loader has been working in protected mode,
but lacking of support for USB.
                                                From Beijing, China
Bryan Liesner wrote:

> I recently replaced my PS/2 keyboard with a USB keyboard.  Works great, 
> but with one exception.  If the system is rebooted, it's easy enough to 
> get into the BIOS settings, but after the boot process starts, the 
> keyboard is dead until the kernel is loaded.  So hitting the space bar to 
> get to a loader prompt to boot kernel.old or perhaps putting in a boot -v 
> was impossible.
> I poked around on the mailing lists and saw that some others were having 
> the same issue, with no real answers.
> On a lark, I decided to try GRUB.  Replacing the BSD boot blocks with GRUB 
> resolved this issue for me.  Now, when the system starts, I don't lose the 
> keyboard and can hit the space bar when the loader starts to get to a 
> prompt.
> This brings up an interesting question, probably for another list. What 
> are the FreeBSD boot blocks doing (or not doing) that cause the loss of 
> legacy USB support?
> -Bryan
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