USB PS/2 adapter problem on laptop

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Thu Jan 19 02:11:04 PST 2006

Aleksey Salow <aleksey.salow at> wrote:

> On 1/16/06, Alexander Leidinger <Alexander at> wrote:
>> > I am running 5.4-STABLE on a laptop.  I would simply like to use a PS/2
>> > keyboard and mouse through a USB Dual PS/2 adapter (a PS/2 keyboard and
>> > mouse connect through one USB port).  Any help solving the problem below
>> > would be appreciated.
>> This isn't possible yet. mux@ is working on it, but so far nothing is
>> committed even to FreeBSD-current. So you have to wait a little bit.
> As I understand this work will solve problems with dual interface usb
> devices (like this ps/2->usb adapter or USB Desktop Sets)?

It is supposed to solve the problems with multi-function devices. Currently
only one of the functions is used. Most USB Desktop Sets need something like
this. I *think* this USB Dual PS/2 adapter fits here too.


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