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Critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2004/05/04] kern/66248  usb         [panic] bootloader is confused by booting

1 problem total.

Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
f [2001/09/11] kern/30502  usb         panics if logitech joystick usb attached 
a [2001/10/31] kern/31659  usb         USB controller driver will die after some
f [2001/12/12] kern/32713  usb         [usb] mouse detaches from hub and doesnt 
f [2002/01/13] kern/33839  usb         usb0: host controller halted (involving A
f [2002/02/17] kern/35061  usb         After printing to HP Deskjet 656c USB pri
f [2002/04/07] i386/36850  usb         Page Fault using ppp with USB Modem [4.9]
f [2002/05/30] kern/38736  usb         kernel panic during memory stick removal
f [2002/06/15] kern/39341  usb         ppp + USB modem problem
f [2002/06/24] kern/39805  usb         4.6R install panics with umass0 device co
o [2002/07/19] kern/40792  usb         signals lead to data loss on device ugen
o [2002/09/13] kern/42748  usb         USB does not work (Fujitsu Lifebook)
f [2002/09/25] i386/43366  usb         Cannot format media in USB floppy devices
o [2002/09/29] kern/43462  usb         copying files from olympus C-4040 digital
o [2002/10/13] bin/43993   usb         /usr/sbin/usbd does not handle an usb eve
f [2002/11/22] kern/45579  usb         Panic from USB stack after device detach
o [2002/12/10] kern/46176  usb         umass causes kernel panic if device remov
o [2002/12/19] i386/46371  usb         USB controller cannot be initialized on I
f [2002/12/24] i386/46506  usb         [usb] [hang] Crash Before Initialization 
o [2002/12/29] kern/46618  usb         USB (UHCI/ICH3) PALM connect/disconnect/c
f [2003/01/12] kern/47005  usb         OHCI USB not noticing device detachments 
o [2003/02/17] kern/48359  usb         SiS 5597/8 USB + uscanner breakage
a [2003/03/02] kern/48849  usb         Maxtor XT5000 causes panic in boot
o [2003/03/05] kern/48952  usb         uscanner0 hangs
a [2003/03/20] kern/50149  usb         Using Alcatel SpeedTouch results in "usb0
a [2003/08/14] kern/55587  usb         null dereference in usbdi.c: usb_transfer
o [2003/09/26] bin/57255   usb         usbd and multi-function devices
f [2003/12/11] kern/60131  usb         [usb] Page fault on disconnect of USB dev
f [2003/12/13] kern/60217  usb         EHCI controller halts when USB 2.0 device
o [2003/12/15] kern/60276  usb         [usb] Kernel panic when plugging in USB (
o [2004/01/11] kern/61191  usb         [usb] panic: USB vs. Serial problems
o [2004/01/15] kern/61377  usb         [kbd] usb keyboard not functional after b
o [2004/01/20] kern/61627  usb         [usb] [patch] New USB printer not support
f [2004/01/23] kern/61804  usb         [panic] panic with hitachi travelstar USB
o [2004/01/24] kern/61841  usb         [boot] 5.2 Boot freeze if memorybird (USB
f [2004/01/30] kern/62088  usb         [usb] Logitech Cordless/Optical Mouse not
o [2004/01/30] kern/62123  usb         [usb] LaCie 160GB USB drive umass: BBB re
o [2004/02/23] i386/63251  usb         [usb] USB stops working after 2nd APM sus
o [2004/02/26] kern/63375  usb         [patch] panic: unplugging USB devices pan
o [2004/02/29] i386/63521  usb         5.2.1 doesn't detect drives on SATA contr
o [2004/03/01] kern/63621  usb         [usb] USB MemoryStick Reader stalls/crash
o [2004/04/07] kern/65292  usb         [panic] random page faults (usb-related?)
o [2004/04/19] i386/65783  usb         [panic] Panic when attaching card reader 
o [2004/05/06] kern/66324  usb         [usb] usb driver memory leak grows wired
o [2004/07/13] kern/69006  usb         [patch] Apple Cinema Display hangs USB po
o [2004/08/30] kern/71155  usb         [usb] misbehaving usb-printer hangs proce
o [2004/09/18] kern/71887  usb         [kbd] Losing keyboard after plugging a bl
o [2004/09/27] kern/72119  usb         Detaching USB Memory Stick w/o umount cau
f [2004/10/11] i386/72497  usb         WD USB Disk Panics -stable and 5.2.1
o [2004/10/29] kern/73295  usb         Lock order reversal in USB code.
o [2004/10/30] kern/73307  usb         Kernel panics on USB disconnect
o [2004/11/18] kern/74088  usb         ohci ehci uhub: port disabled on connecti

51 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2001/09/30] conf/30929  usb         [patch] use usbd to initialize USB ADSL m
o [2001/12/09] kern/32652  usb         [patch] A new ioctl to uscanner
s [2001/12/09] ports/32653 usb         Added patches to improve USB scanner supp
f [2002/04/23] kern/37374  usb         [PATCH] closing ums0 blocks with wmesg uh
f [2002/05/04] conf/37732  usb         usbd start in wrong place in /etc/rc in 4
o [2002/05/23] kern/38452  usb         [usb] Logitech USB iFeel: device_probe_an
o [2002/07/16] kern/40657  usb         [usb] Logitech iFeel usb mouse will not a
o [2002/07/24] kern/40948  usb         [usb] USB HP CDW8200 does not work
o [2002/08/07] kern/41415  usb         [usb] [patch] Some USB scanners cannot ta
f [2002/08/30] bin/42213   usb         moused(8) seems to delay some mouse event
f [2002/10/25] kern/44450  usb         USB support FAILURE for device that was s
o [2003/01/18] kern/47200  usb         USB port is disabled when Kodak DX4900 is
o [2003/02/06] kern/48014  usb         [usb] moused fails to correctly identify 
o [2003/02/16] bin/48342   usb         [PATCH] usbd dynamic device list.
o [2003/03/19] kern/50110  usb         [usb] Astra 2100U scanner being detected 
o [2003/05/08] kern/51958  usb         [usb] [patch] update for urio driver
o [2003/05/10] kern/52026  usb         [usb] feature request: umass driver suppo
f [2003/05/19] bin/52432   usb         [sysinstall] drivers.flp won't load with 
o [2003/06/08] kern/53025  usb         [PATCH] ugen does not allow O_NONBLOCK fo
f [2003/09/19] kern/56999  usb         FreeCom USB CD/RW problem on FreeBSD 5.1
o [2003/11/10] i386/59147  usb         [usb] USB active extension cable not reco
o [2003/11/11] kern/59169  usb         [patch] ulpt is missing read operation
o [2003/12/15] kern/60248  usb         [patch] Problem with USB printer HP Laser
o [2004/01/12] bin/61234   usb         [usb] [patch] usbhidaction doesn't suppor
o [2004/01/14] kern/61365  usb         FreeBSD resets when I turn off monitor w/
o [2004/02/13] kern/62788  usb         need quirks for Super Talent Flash USB 2.
o [2004/03/04] kern/63779  usb         [usb] USB-mass storage (USB to IDE Conver
o [2004/03/06] kern/63837  usb         [patch] USB: hid_is_collection() only loo
o [2004/04/11] kern/65436  usb         QUIRK: [patch] to add support for PNY Att
o [2004/04/19] kern/65769  usb         [usb] Call to tcflush(x, TCIFLUSH) stops 
o [2004/05/11] kern/66547  usb         [usb] Palm Tungsten T USB does not initia
o [2004/06/27] kern/68412  usb         [usb] [patch] QUIRK: Philips KEY013 USB M
o [2004/07/06] i386/68719  usb         [usb] USB 2.0 mobil rack+ fat32 performan
o [2004/08/16] kern/70523  usb         [usb] [patch] umct sending/receiving wron
o [2004/08/25] kern/70942  usb         [usb] Genius Wireless USB mouse: moused d
o [2004/09/06] kern/71416  usb         [usb] Cryptoflex e-gate USB token (ugen0)
o [2004/09/06] kern/71417  usb         [usb] Cryptoflex e-gate USB token (ugen0)
o [2004/09/07] kern/71455  usb         [usb] Slow USB umass performance of 5.3
o [2004/09/11] kern/71605  usb         [usb] [patch] umass doesn't recognize mul
o [2004/10/05] kern/72344  usb         [usb] [patch] QUIRK: Dane-Elec zMate 512 
f [2004/10/06] i386/72380  usb         [usb] USB does not work [dual Celeron Abi
o [2004/10/23] i386/73056  usb         [usb] Sun Microsystems Type 6 USB mouse n
o [2004/11/02] i386/73421  usb         [usb] USB not recgnized/working on Toshib
o [2004/11/16] kern/73999  usb         [usb] USB Freezes when a device is plugge

44 problems total.

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