ipod connect/disconnect freezes 5.3 machine?

Mike Harding mvh at ix.netcom.com
Wed Feb 9 12:22:12 PST 2005

I have a 4th generation Ipod that I connected to my 5.3 Dell machine.
After putting 'device ehci' in the kernel, I can mount the Ipod as a
drive, works fine.  I then use camcontrol to eject the drive so I can
just use the usb cable to charge the battery.  This all seems to work

However, if I unplug the Ipod from the cable, and reconnect, the machine
will freeze up within a little bit, and I have to reboot.  It doesn't
show up under 'camcontrol devlist' either.  I can't load it or mount it
or rescan or anything without a lockup.

I have some messages like

ehci_check_intr: sqtdstart=NULL
last message repeated 115 times


ehci_idone: need toggle update status=00080248 nstatus=80028d80

... and I needed to reset the Ipod before Itunes would recognize it.

Am I doing anything ridiculously wrong?  I do want to eject the Ipod so
that disk will spin down, I think...

Mike Harding <mvh at ix.netcom.com>

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