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Critical problems
Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2002/07/19] usb/40792   usb         signals lead to data loss on device ugen
o [2002/12/10] usb/46176   usb         [panic] umass causes kernel panic if devi
o [2002/12/19] i386/46371  usb         USB controller cannot be initialized on I
o [2003/09/26] bin/57255   usb         usbd and multi-function devices
f [2003/12/11] usb/60131   usb         [usb] Page fault on disconnect of USB dev
s [2003/12/15] usb/60276   usb         [usb] Kernel panic when plugging in USB (
o [2004/01/20] usb/61627   usb         [usb] [patch] New USB printer not support
f [2004/01/30] usb/62088   usb         [usb] Logitech Cordless/Optical Mouse not
f [2004/03/01] usb/63621   usb         [usb] USB MemoryStick Reader stalls/crash
o [2004/07/13] usb/69006   usb         [patch] Apple Cinema Display hangs USB po
o [2004/08/30] usb/71155   usb         [usb] misbehaving usb-printer hangs proce
o [2004/10/30] usb/73307   usb         [panic] Kernel panics on USB disconnect
o [2004/12/30] usb/75648   usb         [panic] panic while loading usb.ko on 4.1
o [2005/01/01] usb/75705   usb         [panic] da0 attach / Optio S4 (with backt
o [2005/01/04] usb/75797   usb         5.3-STABLE(2005 1/4) detect USB headset, 
o [2005/01/13] usb/76204   usb         panic while using usb attached modem
o [2005/01/18] usb/76395   usb         USB printer does not work, usbdevs says "
o [2005/01/21] usb/76554   usb         Panram "yoyo" USB MP3 player causes panic
o [2005/01/25] usb/76684   usb         Toshiba PDR-M4 camera connected via USB h
o [2005/02/06] usb/77184   usb         kernel panic on USB device disconnect
o [2005/02/09] usb/77294   usb         ucom + ulpcom panic
o [2005/02/16] usb/77604   usb         Sluggish Logitch LX700 USB Mouse
f [2005/02/20] usb/77799   usb         [panic] on attach of a mp3 player to USB
o [2005/02/23] usb/77940   usb         [patch] [panic] insertion of usb keyboard
o [2005/03/18] usb/78989   usb         please add USB keyboard support to instal
o [2005/03/22] usb/79140   usb         WD Firewire/USB Combo hangs under load on
o [2005/03/27] usb/79269   usb         USB ohci da0 plug/unplug causes crashes a
o [2005/03/27] usb/79287   usb         UHCI hang after interrupt transfer
o [2005/04/02] usb/79436   usb         Panic: ohci_abort_xfer: not in process co
o [2005/04/04] usb/79524   usb         printing to Minolta PagePro 1[23]xxW via 
o [2005/04/07] usb/79656   usb         [usb] RHSC interrupts lost
o [2005/04/09] usb/79722   usb         [usb] wrong alignments in ehci.h
o [2005/04/17] usb/80040   usb         [hang] Use of sound mixer causes system f
o [2005/04/22] usb/80260   usb         Travan USB tape drive fails to write
o [2005/04/26] usb/80361   usb         mounting of usb-stick fails
o [2005/04/26] usb/80373   usb         usb keyboard does not respond
o [2005/05/04] usb/80628   usb         recent USB MFCs cause panics
o [2005/05/06] usb/80685   usb         panic in usb_cold_explore() at begining
o [2005/05/09] usb/80829   usb         possible panic when loading USB-modules
o [2005/05/10] usb/80862   usb         USB locking issues
o [2005/05/20] usb/81308   usb         Polling a ugen(4) control endpoint causes
o [2005/05/26] usb/81524   usb         panic: usb_cold_explore: busses to explor
f [2005/06/01] usb/81774   usb         2nd generation iPod mini cannot be mounte
o [2005/06/13] usb/82198   usb         Panic on attaching of ONKI N-338 USB MP3 
o [2005/06/15] usb/82272   usb         Can not recognize Casio camera EX-Z40 as 
o [2005/06/22] usb/82520   usb         Reboot when USL101 connected
o [2005/06/26] usb/82660   usb         EHCI: I/O stuck in state 'physrd'/panic
o [2005/07/16] usb/83563   usb         Page Fault while detaching Mpman Usb devi
o [2005/07/18] usb/83677   usb         [usb] usb controller not detected
o [2005/07/19] usb/83756   usb         Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 4.0A does
o [2005/07/23] usb/83942   usb         [patch] QUIRK: Langel USB flash mp3 playe
o [2005/07/24] usb/83977   usb         [panic] ucom1: open bulk out error (addr 
o [2005/07/29] usb/84295   usb         Install FreeBSD with usb keyboard need st
o [2005/07/30] usb/84336   usb         [usb] [reboot] instant system reboot when
o [2005/08/15] usb/84936   usb         install - usb keyboard not recognized

55 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2001/09/30] conf/30929  usb         [patch] use usbd to initialize USB ADSL m
o [2001/12/09] kern/32652  usb         [patch] A new ioctl to uscanner
s [2001/12/09] ports/32653 usb         Added patches to improve USB scanner supp
o [2002/07/24] usb/40948   usb         [usb] USB HP CDW8200 does not work
o [2002/08/07] usb/41415   usb         [usb] [patch] Some USB scanners cannot ta
o [2003/02/16] bin/48342   usb         [PATCH] usbd dynamic device list.
o [2003/05/08] kern/51958  usb         [usb] [patch] update for urio driver
o [2003/05/10] kern/52026  usb         [usb] feature request: umass driver suppo
o [2003/06/08] usb/53025   usb         [PATCH] ugen does not allow O_NONBLOCK fo
o [2003/08/28] usb/56095   usb         [patch] QUIRK: Apacer Pen Drive fails to 
o [2003/11/11] usb/59169   usb         [patch] ulpt is missing read operation
o [2003/12/15] usb/60248   usb         [patch] Problem with USB printer HP Laser
o [2004/01/12] bin/61234   usb         [usb] [patch] usbhidaction doesn't suppor
o [2004/03/06] usb/63837   usb         [patch] USB: hid_is_collection() only loo
o [2004/04/11] usb/65436   usb         QUIRK: [patch] to add support for PNY Att
o [2004/04/19] kern/65769  usb         [usb] Call to tcflush(x, TCIFLUSH) stops 
f [2004/05/11] kern/66547  usb         [usb] Palm Tungsten T USB does not initia
o [2004/06/23] usb/68232   usb         [patch] ugen(4) isochronous handling corr
o [2004/06/27] usb/68412   usb         [usb] [patch] QUIRK: Philips KEY013 USB M
o [2004/08/16] usb/70523   usb         [usb] [patch] umct sending/receiving wron
o [2004/08/25] usb/70942   usb         [usb] Genius Wireless USB mouse: moused d
o [2004/09/06] usb/71416   usb         [usb] Cryptoflex e-gate USB token (ugen0)
o [2004/09/06] usb/71417   usb         [usb] Cryptoflex e-gate USB token (ugen0)
o [2004/09/07] usb/71455   usb         [usb] Slow USB umass performance of 5.3
o [2004/09/11] kern/71605  usb         [usb] [patch] umass doesn't recognize mul
o [2004/10/05] usb/72344   usb         [patch] [usb] QUIRK: Dane-Elec zMate 512 
o [2004/10/06] i386/72380  usb         [usb] USB does not work [dual Celeron Abi
o [2004/10/15] usb/72732   usb         [patch] Kyocera 7135 quirk.
o [2004/10/15] usb/72733   usb         Kyocera 7135 Palm OS connection problem.
o [2004/10/23] usb/73056   usb         [usb] Sun Microsystems Type 6 USB mouse n
o [2004/11/21] usb/74211   usb         USB flash drive causes CAM status 0x4 on 
o [2004/11/25] usb/74358   usb         [umass] unplugging at boot time an umass 
o [2004/11/27] usb/74453   usb         Q-lity CD-RW USB ECW-043 (ScanLogic SL11R
o [2004/11/30] usb/74557   usb         imation 500mb usb key can only be written
o [2004/12/02] usb/74609   usb         [patch] [usb] allowing cdma modems to wor
o [2004/12/09] usb/74880   usb         [patch] [usb] Samsung N400 cellphone/acm 
o [2004/12/12] usb/74989   usb         (regression) Lost USB support between 5.2
o [2004/12/28] usb/75578   usb         [patch] QUIRK: PNY USB flash key
o [2005/01/04] usb/75800   usb         ucom1: init failed STALLED error in time 
o [2005/01/07] usb/75928   usb         Cytronix SmartMedia card (SMC) reader has
o [2005/01/19] usb/76461   usb         disklabel of umass(4)-CAM(4)-da(4) not us
o [2005/01/27] usb/76732   usb         Mouse problems with USB KVM Switch
o [2005/03/03] usb/78371   usb         Philips Wearable Audio Player (128) fails
o [2005/03/07] usb/78543   usb         [patch] Support for Trip-Lite USB 2 Seria
o [2005/03/18] usb/78984   usb         Creative MUVO umass failure
o [2005/04/09] usb/79723   usb         [usb] prepare for high speed isochronous 
o [2005/04/09] usb/79725   usb         [patch] [usb] USB device speed is not dou
o [2005/04/14] usb/79893   usb         New usbdevs/umass quirks derived from Lin
o [2005/04/16] usb/80010   usb         Add support for the AEI USB to LAN adapte
o [2005/04/27] usb/80383   usb         [PATCH] Add quirk for uhid to ignore cert
o [2005/04/27] usb/80420   usb         atapicam stops iPod functionality
o [2005/05/08] usb/80773   usb         "usbd_get_string()" could have taken a le
o [2005/05/08] usb/80774   usb         have "usbd_find_desc" in line with the ot
o [2005/05/08] usb/80776   usb         UDAV device driver shouldn't use usb_add_
o [2005/05/08] usb/80777   usb         usb_rem_task() should wait for callback t
o [2005/05/10] usb/80854   usb         suggestion for new iface-no-probe mechani
o [2005/05/12] usb/80935   usb         uvisor.c is not work with CLIE TH55.
o [2005/05/15] usb/81073   usb         [patch] fix umass NO_GETMAXLUN quirk
o [2005/05/18] usb/81191   usb         Support for Curitel HX-550C USB modem to 
o [2005/05/29] usb/81621   usb         external hd hangs under load on ehci
o [2005/05/30] usb/81656   usb         umass problem with Minolta DiMage S414 Di
o [2005/06/20] usb/82436   usb         [patch] USL101 Host-to-Host bridge suppor
o [2005/06/30] usb/82839   usb         [patch] add support for Aceeca Mez1000 de
o [2005/07/05] usb/83022   usb         ALI USB 2.0 EHCI Controller is not detect
o [2005/07/12] usb/83353   usb         [patch] ums driver limits number of butto
o [2005/07/15] usb/83504   usb         SpeedTouch USB stop working on recent cur
o [2005/07/21] usb/83863   usb         Communication problem between opensc/open
o [2005/08/06] usb/84608   usb         Sony digital camera DSC-P100, rev 2.00/5.

68 problems total.

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