F5U103 USB->Serial

Richard Caley richard at caley.org.uk
Wed Apr 13 00:04:45 PDT 2005

Having given up on the possibility of getting a USB modem to work, I
tried to play safe by buying a USB->serial adapter which the hardware
notes claim is supported. Belkin F5U103.

Needless to say it fails miserably.

The symptom is that having attached a known-good  modem and using a
known-good ppp config, I can dial and connect and authenticate etc,
but having negotiated a connection the whole thing siezes up. It seems
that at some point below tun0, something decides not to pass data
through, and so nothing happens until buffers fill up and the whole
thing grinds to a halt. So far as I can tell from looking at the
blinkenlights, not a bit gets sent to the USB->serial pod after
negotiation ends.

Eventualy I start getting 

	  putc to a clist with no reserved cblocks

errors on the console.

If I had to guess, I'd say there was a handshaking issue.

I'm not sure how to get some data to make a worthwhile bug report down
at that level, so if someone can suggest soemthing I'll try and be
more helpful.

At this point I feel that the best thing for everyone would be if FBSD
stopped pretending to have USB support, because nothing ever seems to

     (O O) 
		- RJC

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