Dorky usbdevs question

Barry Bouwsma freebsd-misuser at
Fri Dec 10 05:01:36 PST 2004

> >>If you submit patches for merging in from all sources, the we can 
> >>certainly commit them.
> >>there isn't much risk in identifying extra devices.

> >To the FreeBSD people, should I bother with a diff of my final
> >hacked usbdevs against 5.x and 4.x, or would someone later sync
> >everything up?

> if you provide diffs for each it's easier..
> I'll commit these..

Thanks!  I'll wait with syncing 4.x and 5.x against -current until
I've submitted a few more diffs to bring -current into line with
anything the OtherBSDen have that's missing.

> make sure it's obvious the order in which the diffs need to be applied 
> if they touch teh same files.
> e.g. if you have a set of diffs for netBSD additions and one for Dfly 
> additions, let me know
> which order I should apply them..

Of course -- but it will be a little while before I get a merge from
NetBSD ready, because, well, it's a lot.  So for now, start with the
DFly diff (first one to be applied), and I'll let you know when I have
the second diff ready.

And that brings up the question, how much of the NetBSD usbdevs does
FreeBSD want to adopt?  All of it to make future merges trivial?  There
are some changes that I want to ask about before creating a diff, if
FreeBSD wants to head that way (making the RCS delta larger, but
bringing about harmony with NetBSD):

-vendor COMPAQ          0x049f  Compaq
-vendor HITACHI         0x04a4  Hitachi
+vendor COMPAQ          0x049f  Compaq Computers
+vendor HITACHI         0x04a4  Hitachi, Ltd.
( - == latest NetBSD; + == current FreeBSD )

Lots of Ltd, GmbH, Corp, Int'l, have been dropped.  Or,

-product BROADCOM BCM2033       0x2000  BCM2033
+product BROADCOM BCM2033       0x2033  BCM2033 Bluetooth USB dongle

Descriptive strings have been shortened dropping type of product

If there's a preference one way or the other, I'll try to follow
it.  If not, I'll probably take the easy way out and adopt the
NetBSD style to keep differences as few as possible.  Until I hear
this, I've put this merge on hold for a spell, as I hack something
else to keep busy.

The OpenBSD diff against FreeBSD indicates it is based on NetBSD,
so I'm not sure which I'll do first, as they're both more than the
relatively trivial diffs to DFly.

your thoughts?

barry bouwsma

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