about a usb adsl modem driver

Jose M Rodriguez josemi at freebsd.jazztel.es
Thu Dec 2 08:02:55 PST 2004


I've got a eagle usb adsl modem and get ready to work on FreeBSD support 
for it.

I found two proyects on this, one for alcatel modems and other for this 

I can connect with the latest via pppoa on RELENG_5, but I don't like 
this too much.

After a some days searching on inet, I found enough docs and ideas for a 
real usb adsl modem driver.

My first idea was a sppp based one, that can be ported to all xBSD.  But 
now I think that a netgraph thing must be a better first contact.

Anyone interested in help with this?

Any comments on this are welcome.


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