Cant get Olicom Card to work

Thorsten Schemel thorsten.schemel.schemel_it-systeme at
Wed Jul 30 03:23:51 PDT 2003


Im having a problem trying to get an Olicom (3137 PCI) to work on FreeBSD
I inserted "device oltr" and "pseudo-device token" into the kernel config
and recompiled.
Everything seemed to work fine and the card is even correctly detected at
I can even set it up with ifconfig and assign it an ip address but i cant
ping any host on my network.
Interesting detail is when i assign it an address already in use on my
network it does output the relevant error message so seems that even that
is still working.
However i still cant ping or telnet to any hosts on my network.
Tcpdump shows some netbios traffic on the network.
Does anybody have an idea why i cant establish any ip traffic on the card

Thank you!
Thorsten Schemel

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