cvs commit: src/include pthread_np.h src/lib/libthr src/lib/libthr/thread thr_mutex.c

Andrew Doran ad at
Thu Feb 7 12:19:09 PST 2008

>   Log:
>   Add pthread_mutex_islocked_np(), a cheap way to verify that a mutex is
>   locked.  This is intended primarily to support the userland equivalent
>   of the various *_ASSERT_LOCKED() macros we have in the kernel.

For what it's worth, NetBSD has the below. I found the names in FreeBSD
perforce using Google and used them in the hope of being compatible. :-)
I didn't find equivalents in other systems when I looked.

int     pthread_mutex_held_np(pthread_mutex_t *);
int     pthread_rwlock_held_np(pthread_rwlock_t *);
int     pthread_rwlock_wrheld_np(pthread_rwlock_t *);
int     pthread_rwlock_rdheld_np(pthread_rwlock_t *);


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