Why is MySQL nearly twice as fast on Linux?

Petri Helenius pete at he.iki.fi
Sat May 22 10:53:30 PDT 2004

JG wrote:

> The best FreeBSD config I've got on my AMD64 64-bit hardware was
> running 32-bit i386 FreeBSD with MySQL compiled with Linuxthreads.
> And those results were poor compared to  Linux tests -  they were
> just much higher than any other FreeBSD config.
Sure. I run mysql with linuxthreads because that was the only viable 
option a while ago.

> I's been established on the other lists that threading is not being 
> handled properly to begin with.
> That has been the longtime crux with MySQL on FreeBSD, and why 
> "Linuxthreads" has been
> recommended for so long as well, no?
> Also,  we see almost nearly the same results running on a single CPU 
> as we do when we run SMP
>  - I don't believe the HD is to blame here.
People with religion don´t do well on science. You have to pick if you 
are open to the truth or if you have made your mind up already.
If you read my message again and follow it´s logic, you´ll find it does 
not "blame the HD" but if you are disk-bound it does not help if you 
have one, two, four or a gazillion CPU's because they are not going to 
go any faster.  Most linuxen sacrifice data integrity over performance 
by default. FreeBSD is the other way around. I don´t have an opinion of 
32 vs 64 bit mode but with Opteron CPU's the performance in both 
environments is very close, you should not expect 64 bit mode to run 
double the speed of 32 bit mode.


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