Loaded MySQL 4.0.18 w/ KSE running nicely

Kris Gale kris-fbsd at asn.net
Mon Mar 22 12:34:32 PST 2004

> WRT compiling/linking/libmap.conf.  I have Mysql 4.0 running
> on -current just fine, and so does the mysql maintainer.

This is something I've said on this list quite a few times, but it
may help shed some light on this situation:

MySQL does run very well on -current, even handling huge loads
in terms of queries per second.  The problem is with surges of
incoming connections.  If multiple clients try to connect
simultaneously, things bog down terribly.

Up until a few weeks ago, a surge of incoming connections
would end up causing my -current system to panic and reboot
about half of the time.

A recent fix must have corrected this, because I can't reproduce
the kernel panic (which I could do very consistently before).
However, the problem with things bogging down has gotten
much, much worse.

I've posted a backtrace of the crash dump to the list, and also
a perl script which I was using to see the problems.

If someone is just using a small number of clients (or script that
just makes few connections) to test MySQL, it will appear to run
beautifully.  The performance in such a scenario is drastically
better than under 4.x.


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