symbol binding on dlopen

Sean McNeil sean at
Sun Jun 6 21:52:47 GMT 2004

On Sun, 2004-06-06 at 14:38, Sean McNeil wrote:
> I have been trying to formulate a reasonable explanation why I am seeing
> the following behavior:
> 1) start bash with nss_ldap.
> 2) nss_ldap pulls in via. some non-direct dependency -
> 3) Constructor is called for that installs signal
> handler wrappers.
> 4) uses sigaction, but it is not binding to the strong
> symbol of  It is still using the older one.
> Is this expected?  Symbols will only be bound on the immediate
> dependencies of what is loaded by dlopen, or should all symbols within
> the closure be bound?

(Answering my own question partly)  nsdispatch calls dlopen with
RTLD_LOCAL.  If I understand correctly, that would mean this is expected
and that libraries outside of the DAG wouldn't be effected

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