Adding Threads Support to GDB

Glenn Gombert ipv6net at
Sat Nov 1 04:59:03 PST 2003

I discussed to Robert Watson the Release 5.2 task of adding threads
support to GDB. It does not appear that anyone is currently working on it
yet. I would be interested in taking it on (if no one else has had time
to get started on it yet).

	There appears to be several things that need to be done in general):

*       Making gdb understand all three libraries that threaded programs
might be liked with:
          -- libc_r, libthr, and libpthread

*       Adding code to the kernel to attach to threads running in
different KSE’s to bring back and display the data for threads (which are
attached to blocked).

*       For debugging N:M threads some logic could be added to the ULE
scheduler  (to enable the debugger to control the flow of execution while
debugging a specific thread). 

I would like to work on this task (if no one else had gotten started on
it yet)

Thanks :)
  Glenn Gombert
  ipv6net at

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