sysinstall as a post-install tool

Bruce Cran bruce at
Wed Jan 4 00:55:15 UTC 2012

On 03/01/2012 23:33, Eitan Adler wrote:
> - Restore sysinstall and libodialog
> - Statically link libodialog and make it specific to sysinstall
>         A rewrite of sysinstall to use libdialog is not worth it. It would
>         be better to just write a new configuration tool at that point.
> - Remove front end non-configure facing features (ie "upgrade" and
> installation options)
> - Remove scripting support from sysinstall
> Additionally I would agree to
> - Ensure that sysinstall continues to function as time goes on
> - Review and test patches to sysinstall
> What I am not agreeing to:
> - Rewrite sysinstall
> - Make a new tool

Please don't remove the install and upgrade functionality - I'm willing 
to put time into fixing any issues, and adding support for ZFS etc. once 
it's restored.
I'd like to see sysinstall refactored into something more manageable and 
converted into a YAST-like tool because I don't think bsdinstall is 
anywhere near the experience we want for a technical OS like FreeBSD - 
we're not, and shouldn't aim to be IMO, the Ubuntu of the BSDs.

Bruce Cran

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