Announcing bsdconfig(8) preliminary

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Sat Feb 11 01:19:55 UTC 2012

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> Subject: Announcing bsdconfig(8) preliminary
> is a long way from finished, but there is
> enough of a framework available now, that I'm wanting some feedback on.
> Tarballs are out there and I'll guarantee you'll want to look at the
> latest, and not the earlier examples.  The manpage in the tarball is a
> good place to start.
> Feel free to talk about it here and ask any questions you want.  The
> direction I go with it will depend [I hope!] on where everyone wants it
> to go.  Thanks in advance.

Hi Ron,

Thank you very much for working on this with everyone.

I notice that you've centralized the use of "notimplemented" to
/usr/libexec/bsdconfig/notimplemented which makes the per-module files
/usr/libexec/bsdconfig/*.*/notimplemented obsolete.

I thinking I should clean things up after installation by executing:

	cd /usr/libexec/bsdconfig
	sudo rm -f *.*/notimplemented

Again, thanks for working on this, ... would you mind if I took it and worked on
it this weekend and passed it back to you for review?

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