bin/164281: bsdinstall(8): please allow sysinstall as installer option

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Fri Feb 3 20:50:11 UTC 2012

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Subject: RE: bin/164281: bsdinstall(8): please allow sysinstall as installer option
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2012 12:42:40 -0800

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 > > Behold! FreeBSD Druid!
 > >
 > > Install FreeBSD 9.0 with sysinstall (!!)
 > Uhm, on commit there is an error that "installer is unable to find
 > device node to /dev/ada0s1b in /dev", it happens both on clean install
 > on blank disk and reinstall over existing partitions..
 You've previously attempted to install with "bsdinstall" and you've written=
  a GPT label to your disk.
 Since sysinstall knows nothing of GPT *and* since the 9.0 kernel refuses to=
  create MBR devices in /dev unless your disk is free of GPT labels ...
 You must destroy the backup GPT label stored in the last sector. This can e=
 asily be done from the "holographic" shell started by the DRUID just before=
  prompting you to select your desired release.
 1. Once prompted to select your desired release (e.g., 9.0/i386 or 9.0/amd6=
 4) Press Alt+F4 to get the "holographic" shell
 2. At the "#" prompt, type "rescue" and hit ENTER
 3. At the bash prompt, type "sysctl kern.disks" to list your disk device-na=
 me (e.g. "ad0", "ad1", "da0", "da1", "ada0", etc.)
 4. Destroy the GPT backup layout by executing: gpart destroy -F device-name
 NOTE: device-name is something like "ad0" (as-listed by "sysctl kern.disks")
 You can then press Alt+F1 and select your desired release without getting t=
 he error message about disk allocation failing.
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