Non-POSIX compliant portions of FreeBSD

Garrett Cooper yanefbsd at
Thu Apr 8 05:29:06 UTC 2010

Hi Standards folks,
    I was recently piqued by Warner to look into open_posix_testsuite,
and I've noticed that there are some discrepancies in our compliance
with POSIX standards:

1. We don't implement any of the pieces in errno.h relating to POSIX
STREAMs (I assume this is intentional?). This includes:



2. We don't define daylight or timezone in time.h -
3. We don't define SIGPOLL -
4. We don't define SCHED_SPORADIC and friends -
5. We don't define the sched_param struct  -
6. We don't define bsd_signal (snickers) -
7. We don't have clock_nanosleep, clock_getcpuclockid, or getdate
defined using the POSIX defined headers.

    I'll keep on providing a full list of items where we aren't POSIX
compliant, but it'd be interesting to get a response about whether or
not the items I submit are known or not, and whether or not they were
conscious design decisions and/or items which need to be fixed.

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