ps enhencements (posix syntax, and more)

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Thu Apr 22 20:23:15 PDT 2004

At 4:07 AM +0200 4/23/04, Cyrille Lefevre wrote:
>  > > Format string which contains both an equal sign and a comma
>  > > are considered to be comma only separated list. so, both
>  > > -o "pid=process id,ppid=parent pid,command=command line" and
>  > > -o "pid=child ppid=parent command=command" are well parsed,
>>  > unfortunately, mixing "user=user name,pid=pid command" isn't...
>  > Hmm, FreeBSD 5.x follows the spec exactly in this respect,
>  > an equal sign marks the rest of the argument as header
>  > text, so I doubt whether it's worth doing this. Note that
>  > FreeBSD 4.x aborts header texts at a comma or space.
>any other opinion ?

"In my opinion":

    Each variable has a default header. The default header
    can be overridden by appending an equals sign and the
    new text of the header. The rest of the characters in
    the argument shall be used as the header text.

That is a quote from SUSv3.  I believe 5.x presently tries
to follow that, and that is what I think it should do.  As
to 4.x, the only reason 4.x still behaves the way it does is
that I avoided MFC-ing any commits which would *alter* the
behavior of how something worked in `ps'.  The only things I
MFC-ed were commits that cleaned up the code, or which added
new features.

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