ps enhencements (posix syntax, and more)

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Thu Apr 22 18:47:26 PDT 2004

At 3:19 AM +0200 4/23/04, Cyrille Lefevre wrote:
>"Albert Cahalan" <albert at> wrote:
>>  No, the point was that adding **any** option to switch
>>  parser modes kind of defeats the whole idea of trying
>>  to be compatible with anything.
>as suggested by Garrett Wollman, I will change -qQ to -W
>something, as done before through -X posix,etc. which have
>been retired from the current version.

Don't go changing things around yet again.  I don't think
Garrett *requested* a change.  He just pointed out that -W
is reserved "for the implementation".

>  > You can switch via $PATH and/or some other environment variable.
>currently, mode switch is also done through [...] and using
>an environment variable (see another email about that).
>but, some others dislike environment variables...

I have no intention of installing any updates which cause `ps'
to completely change it's behavior and accepted options based
on the value of an environment variable.

>  > >         static char bsd_fmtstr[] = "\
>>  > label:Z user:[ju](n!)& uid:([ju]n&)([ls]([ju]!)&)| pid:2! ppid:[jl] \
>>  > pgid:j sid:jX& tpgid:jX& tsid:jX& jobc:j sig:s sigmask:s sigignore:s \
>>  > sigcatch:s cpu:l pri:l nice:l %cpu:u %mem:u vsz:[lu] rss:[lu] \
>>  > mwchan:l(n!)& nwchan:ln& tt:[d2u](vX&)| state:1! tt:[jls]([du]!)& \
>>  > start:u time:1! sl:v re:v pagein:v vsz:v([lu]!)& rss:v([lu]!)& lim:v \
>>  > tsiz:v %cpu:v(u!)& %mem:v(u!)& command:1! \
>>  > ";
>>  I am reminded of sendmail. You're getting close.
>maybe, but this kept the code as small as possible. encode this
>using if else if etc. and the code will be at least twice the
>actual one.

I am not sure of all that that section of code is doing, but I
will say that I am a little uncomfortable with how cryptic that
fmtstr is.

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