svn - but smaller?

John Mehr jcm at
Thu Jan 24 11:30:35 UTC 2013

On Thu, 24 Jan 2013 18:34:33 +1100
 "Dewayne" <dewayne.geraghty at> 
> The objective is to return to a base build of FreeBSD 
>that performs the expected task of being able to pull 
>source, without having
> to acquire a port.  Regardless of our individual 
>solutions/workarounds, the task is to pull and maintain 
> Is the discussion going to result in something like 
>svn-lite that enters into the /usr/src/contrib along with 
>the responsibilities
> associated with maintaining it?  And then we need to 
>take into consideration of being overwriting the "base 
>svn" with a full svn
> package, if required by the user/admin.
> The issue involves policy decisions along with ongoing 
>support load, rather than just a good technical solution; 
>which as we've seen
> in earlier discussions, is sorely needed by the folks 
>doing the development/maintenance.
> In the meantime, ftp isn't really workable for ongoing 
>updates, and rsync is GPL'ed and can't be in the base 
> I build svn from ports with all options off except for: 
>a 4.2MB svn
> program. Suites me but doesn't address the underlying 
>problem - and I don't think that the plan is to make 
>FreeBSD dependent upon
> the ports system (for subversion)
> Regards, Dewayne.
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Hello all,

I'm working on writing a lightweight, dependency-free, BSD 
licensed program to pull source using the svn protocol 
(not using the aforementioned svnsup code).  I've only got 
a few more pieces of the puzzle to sort out and some code 
cleanup and it should be ready for testing.

As someone who has never contributed code, what's the best 
way to submit this code for consideration?  Do I just slap 
a BSD license on it and post it to the list?  Do I first 
create a port for it?  Also, does anyone know who I should 
contact regarding permission to test my code against the 
repository at  Thanks.

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