flowtable usable or not

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Tue Mar 6 06:59:49 UTC 2012

On 3/4/2012 2:04 PM, Adrian Chadd wrote:
> 2012/3/3 Doug Barton <dougb at freebsd.org>:
>> On 03/02/2012 16:05, Adrian Chadd wrote:
>>> Try breaking that cycle.
>> ... one of the things I've been asking for years. :)
>> Julian's right though, I think PC-BSD will help, but I still think that
>> committers should run -current. I've asked privately for our committers
>> to go back to -current and then have some dedicated development time
>> where we work together to fix the problems that *we* find in order to
>> make the project more desktop-friendly overall. I was (figuratively)
>> laughed out of the room.
> There's a magic intersection between "need to run current" and "need
> to keep stuff unbroken enough to get work done."

Personally I have a -current partition (slice) that I keep up to date,
and an 8-stable'ish slice that I purposely keep in a known-good state,
and only update if -current has been running good for a while (which it
has more often than not in the last several years).

I have both slices set up to share data such as /home, my cvs and svn
trees, etc. This has worked really well for me (and others, I originally
got the idea and some of my configuration from David Wolfskill) for over
a decade.



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