Request for flowtable testers and actionable feedback RE: flowtable usable or not

H hm at
Mon Mar 5 16:38:20 UTC 2012

Adam Strohl wrote:
> On 3/5/2012 15:00, Daniel Kalchev wrote:
>> I happen to share the opinion and the experience of Mark Linimon in
>> situations like this and yes, I do believe you have been rude here.
>> For no reason whatsoever.
> I agree.  This "H" person has been hijacking threads over the last
> week or so, and all of the messages I've seen from them boil down
> trolling.
> This is in contrast to the patient, well thought out replies from the
> rest of the list.
> I'm at a loss as to what "H's" endgame is, but it probably has more to
> do with writing poorly executed metaphors than it does with helping
> FreeBSD or its users (whom he/she implies they represent).
> _______________________________________________
you also do not have a clew, have you?

now we're changing to girl-talk ?

If you are curious about something, ask, right away ... clear and straight


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