Request for flowtable testers and actionable feedback RE: flowtable usable or not

H hm at
Mon Mar 5 16:37:54 UTC 2012

Daniel Kalchev wrote:
> On Mar 5, 2012, at 9:11 AM, H wrote:
>> I have the right, even the obligation to point out what I think is wrong
> So, you see yourself as speaking for others? You certainly do not speak for me! Never authorized you for this, never ever knew you actually exist. For various historical reasons, I don't particularly like the kind of people who self-elect themselves to defend other's "rights". OK? :-)

don't try to sell your silly deductions as assumptions ... who says "I"
usual means I not they, we or for them

but you're funny, must be a ghost typing here :) perhaps I'm just behind
your back right now huhhh :)


> So unlike you, Kip at least tries to achieve something. For the good of others. Even if he didn't do it in the most humble, democratic and whatever way. Even if he appears for many as being arrogant or whatever. People are different, some might actually prefer Kip's way, did you imagine that?
> I happen to share the opinion and the experience of Mark Linimon in situations like this and yes, I do believe you have been rude here. For no reason whatsoever.
> You either make the choice to help Kip in his experiment, or not. For me, personally, as long as you don't stay on my way, I don't really care what your position is.
> Daniel
> PS: In any case, this is an open forum, so you have your opinion heard. By a lot of people._______________________________________________
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