flowtable usable or not

Adrian Chadd adrian at freebsd.org
Sat Mar 3 00:05:35 UTC 2012

I've had the same problem with wireless.

For some users, wireless works flawlessly.

For other users, it's completely unusable.

Trying to get any kind of useful feedback from people has been
impossible at best. I've even had FreeBSD developers, sitting in the
developers IRC channel, say wifi is so broken on FreeBSD they have to
boot into windows to get anything done.

Yet I still haven't seen any PRs about this.

This is why I've been pushing people to keep filing PRs. I can't even
begin to investigate what I don't know is broken and if the
_developers_ don't use FreeBSD because supported wifi stuff is broken,
then .. well, no hope, etc.

The honest truth is this: for any system to work, there needs to be:

* sufficient users reporting issues;
* sufficient developers (and/or companies) wanting it to work and
keeping the bug fixes coming;
* a healthy cycle between the above two.

If _either_ there are no developers or there is no feedback to the
developer(s), the cycle breaks, and things rot in very annoying ways.
Then you have the next problem, which is:

* if it doesn't work, noone will use it
* if noone uses it, noone will work on it.

Try breaking that cycle.



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