Why Are You NOT Using FreeBSD ?

Thomas David Rivers rivers at dignus.com
Fri Jun 1 19:26:57 UTC 2012

We used to have FreeBSD exclusively on desktops...

Now, we have migrated to other desktops (mac) with FreeBSD running
the build and file server...


Because - the mac updates itself!  No pain, no installation,
no keeping-up with mailing lists/announcements, just <click> and its done.

Mac OS has a nice X11 server, the Mac UI is good enough, you don't
have to install/update anything, the "app store" is perfect
for downloading/installing whatever a desktop user might need.

It was just too alluring...

So, FreeBSD runs our NFS file server, and we log into a larger
FreeBSD machine to do builds, etc... but, the desktop has moved.

One developer here uses Linux Debian for about the same reason,
it's trivial to update (via the network) to new versions, etc...

Our web site used to be FreeBSD-based, but it was just too
cost-effective to get a virtual Linux box on the backbone and
move everything to that.  Our requirements aren't too big, so
that works beautifully.   There _are_ people doing virtual
FreeBSD boxes in a similar fashion, but they were quote a lot
more for the annual fee.. so, Linux it was...

I suppose, in some sense, you could argue that MacOS is FreeBSD...

	- Dave Rivers -

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