Enabling IPSec panics stable/9 (runs OK on stable/8)

Attila Nagy bra at fsn.hu
Thu Jan 5 10:48:29 UTC 2012

On 01/05/12 11:37, VANHULLEBUS Yvan wrote:
> Strange..... may be related to some kind of code optimization....
> As the line juste before is:
> saidx =&sav->sah->saidx;
> Could you show the value of&sav->sah->saidx ?
> And also check if kgdb can print sav->sah->saidx (without the&) ?
Oh sorry, the previous console copy was chopped. I've tried sav too:
(kgdb) p sav->sah->saidx
Variable "sav" is not available.

> To help you having a quick workaround, do you really need ESP+AH ?
> Most of the time, people who configure ESP+AH just needs in fact ESP
> with optional data authentication.
I could live without it, you are right. Thanks for the tip.

> And the crash occurs in some part of the code which deals with
> encapsulation in encapsulation.
> This also may explains why I never saw that crash......
Could be. Anyways, it's a permitted option, so it would be good to fix it.
I hope I can help you in that somehow. :)


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