Support for IPSec NAT-T in transoprt mode

Zmiter zmiterby at
Fri Apr 13 04:28:55 UTC 2012

Does FreeBSD 8.[0-4] support IPSec NAT-T in transport mode? Or it's 
still in broken state?
I need to connect NATed VPN clients through L2TP/IPSec and seeing 
nothing in mpd5 logs, but growing counters of bad checksums in udp packets.
After some research I found an opened kern/146190 with some sort of 
solving the problem through disabling checksum validation, but it still 
not work. Every incoming UDP encapsulated ESP packet toggles two 
counters: udp no checksums (because of 0 value in every incoming packet 
udp checksum) and udp bad checksums (hmmm..., I thought it shouldn't be 
happen with a magic patch).
So, can anyone tell me is it possible to connect my NATed VPN clients 
through L2TP/IPSec or it's impossible nowadays?

Thanks a lot.


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