luit -encoding gbk causes Segmentation fault (core dumped) in 9-stable

Yue Wu vanopen at
Wed Sep 28 02:04:30 UTC 2011

Hello list,

As the title said. When on 8-stable, luit -encdoding gbk works fine,
anyone can figure it out what's wrong?

I'm sure it's not a luit's bug because luit works fine and no any
version updating happened before and after OS's upgrading, I just
recompiled luit from ports after upgrade from 8-stable to 9-stable, with
the same compiling options.

Yue Wu

Key Laboratory of Modern Chinese Medicines
Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine
China Pharmaceutical University(中國藥科大學)
No.24, Tongjia Xiang Street, Nanjing 210009, China

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