ataraid and 9.0 RC-2

Alexander Motin mav at
Tue Nov 29 18:38:53 UTC 2011


On 27.11.2011 01:41, Adam Stylinski wrote:
> I just ran freebsd-update to get up to 9.0-RC2 and discovered that ataraid does not work.  I realize I'm an edge case and my scenario is not ideal (I use an ITE controller and performance is actually impressively slow), but I cannot boot 9.0 from my stripe, even after manually loading ataraid from the loader prompt (after running an unload command).  I mention it mostly because other people using the fakeraid setup by their motherboards for whatever reason (perhaps to share a partition table with windows on the same mirror or stripe) may have a similar problem.  It seems like the ar0 device disappeared for me completely (even though it finds ada0 and ada1).  I'm using the following device:
> atapci0 at pci0:2:11:0:    class=0x010400 card=0x00000000 chip=0x82121283 rev=0x13 hdr=0x00
>      vendor     = 'Integrated Technology Express (ITE) Inc'
>      device     = 'ATA 133 IDE RAID Controller (IT8212F)'
>      class      = mass storage
>      subclass   = RAID
> rl0 at pci0:2:13:0:        class=0x020000 card=0x80ea104d chip=0x813910ec rev=0x10 hdr=0x00
> At first I figured because it may be loading AHCI (as per the device naming schemes ada0 and ada1).  I haven't looked too much into it (these devices are actually PATA not SATA, so AHCI doesn't even exist for these), but maybe there's an ATA/AHCI driver that's built into the default kernelthat is interfering with ataraid.ko?  Maybe this interferes with my stupidly slow and unpopular configuration.
> Thanks for any help, I'll also have a gander at the new DEFAULTS for the generic kernel in the 9.0 source tree.

FreeBSD 9.x uses new CAM-bases ATA subsystem. ataraid driver depends on 
old ATA infrastructure and does not work with new. Instead, new GEOM 
RAID class was implemented. Unluckily, as soon as ITE produced only PATA 
controllers, there is no support for their metadata format in geom_raid 
module now. So, at the moment, the only option to access that RAID 
volume is to build custom kernel with old ATA and use ataraid. 
Respective kernel options listed in /usr/src/UPDATING item from 20110424.

Alexander Motin

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