Sandy Bridge and MCA UNCOR PCC (problem + solution)

John Baldwin jhb at
Tue Nov 29 15:50:31 UTC 2011

On Friday, November 25, 2011 3:13:31 pm Thomas Zander wrote:
> List,
> here's a rant about a recent problem I had and the surprising
> solution.
> I recently had to investigate weird unexpected issues on a workstation.
> Relevant hardware: Asus P8B-WS, Xeon E3-1260L (Sandy Bride, Intel
> HD-2000 graphics)
> Since we don't have kms and friends in STABLE yet, and I can live
> without accelerated video for now, I am using the vesa driver on this
> machine.

FWIW, if you are having MCA errors that you strongly suspect are not
valid, you can disable MCA by setting 'hw.mca.enabled=0' in the loader.

John Baldwin

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