smartctl / mpt on 9.0-RC1

Alex Samorukov ml at
Mon Nov 7 14:20:54 UTC 2011

On 11/07/2011 03:10 PM, Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
> I see.  I wasn't aware there was an ioctl(2) interface to twa(4).
> This makes me wonder: why does Marat use /dev/passX as his device when
> using smartctl?
Because Marat using LSI mfi (not 3ware twa!) driver in this case. 
mfip.ko exports /dev/passX devices for every disk in the raid.
>   Could this have some bearing on why he doesn't see the
> necessary data returned from (if even submit to) the underlying disk?
> The syntax of his command was: "smartctl -a /dev/pass1".  I would have
> expected the syntax to be "smartctl -a -d 3ware,1 /dev/twa".
> What I'm trying to get at here is whether or not smartmontools "does the
> right thing" in this situation.  Does the output differ between the
> above two syntaxes?  I don't see any mention in twa(4)'s man page that
> pass(4) is even registered/used -- though I do see it mentioned that CAM
> is used by twa(4).
Smartmontools will not work on twa with SAS drives, because it is using 
IOCTL packet format for the ATA protocol. And we need to use SCSI 
packets to speak with SAS devices. This code is currently not written.
> Furthermore, later comments below indicate CAM isn't involved, which
> further confuses me.  Can someone help relieve my confusion on this
> matter?
Because Marat provided output for another controller and another driver. 
For me it is also unclear why :)

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