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Tue Mar 29 21:04:31 UTC 2011

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 3:16 PM, Jason Hsu <jhsu802701 at> wrote:

> Thanks for your thoughts on making the move from Linux to BSD.  I'm not
> making the move because I don't like Linux.  Instead, I want to learn BSD.
>  I find that the best way to familiarize myself with a distro is to adopt it
> as my main distro (for web browsing, email, word processing, etc.).  But the
> challenge of BSD have so far proven too much for me.  It would take too long
> to configure FreeBSD to my liking.  I couldn't figure out what to enter in
> GRUB to multi-boot Linux and BSD.  I tried PC-BSD, GhostBSD, and
> DragonflyBSD in VirtualBox.  I've found PC-BSD agonizingly slow to install
> and operate, and KDE didn't even boot up when I logged in.  GhostBSD has too
> many things that don't work, such as the keyboard on my laptop and my
> Internet connection on my desktop.  DragonflyBSD didn't boot up in
> Virtualbox.
> I recommend Linux Mint as a first Linux distro.  It's user-friendly,
> well-established, widely used, includes codecs/drivers that Ubuntu doesn't,
> and has a Windows-like user interface.  For those with older computers, I
> recommend Puppy Linux or antiX Linux as a first distro.  I'm looking for the
> analogous choice in the BSD world.
> So what do you recommend as my first desktop BSD distro?  What desktop BSD
> distro is so easy to use that even Paris Hilton can handle it?
> Please keep in mind that I have a slow Internet connection, and these BSD
> distros are ENORMOUS.  It took some 12-14 hours to download PC-BSD.
> --
> Jason Hsu <jhsu802701 at>

Please consider

where you may find ready-made DVD or CD , printed Handbook , and others to
offset your slow internet link .

I do not know your country but it is very likely that you may find ready
made FreeBSD or PC-BSD DVD or CD on sale in your country .

For a new starter , PC-BSD is good . After studying structure of PC-BSD , it
may be a good and pleasing learning work by installing FreeBSD from PC-BSD
DVD or directly from FreeBSD released DVD or CDs by following the FreeBSD
Handbook .

Thank you very much .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk

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