8.2->9.prerel: gmirror failed with error 19

Jeremy Chadwick freebsd at jdc.parodius.com
Sun Dec 18 21:49:50 UTC 2011

On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 04:43:13PM -0500, Randy Bush wrote:
> >> # ATA/SCSI peripherals
> >> device		scbus		# SCSI bus (required for ATA/SCSI)
> >> #device		ch		# SCSI media changers
> >> #device		da		# Direct Access (disks)
> >> #device		sa		# Sequential Access (tape etc)
> >> #device		cd		# CD
> >> device		pass		# Passthrough device (direct ATA/SCSI access)
> >> #device		ses		# SCSI Environmental Services (and SAF-TE)
> > 
> > I think you should add "device da" or "device ada" option to have some
> > disks available.
> will try.  but the working 8.2 was happy with just the ata, which i have
> in the 9 config
> # ATA controllers
> #device		ahci		# AHCI-compatible SATA controllers
> device		ata		# Legacy ATA/SATA controllers
> options 	ATA_CAM		# Handle legacy controllers with CAM
> options 	ATA_STATIC_ID	# Static device numbering
> #device		mvs		# Marvell 88SX50XX/88SX60XX/88SX70XX/SoC SATA
> #device		siis		# SiliconImage SiI3124/SiI3132/SiI3531 SATA


With the introduction of FreeBSD 9.x, all ATA devices now use a
translation layer (ATA->CAM), and this is especially so with anything
SATA.  I imagine this needs to be documented (in red, bold, etc.) in the
official 9.0-RELEASE documentation, because it's probably going to trip
up others.  But, things of this nature are supposed to be documented in
/usr/src/UPDATING, and admins are *expected* to read that file.

As such, going forward, you're going to need to make sure you have SCSI
support in your kernel config, including "device da" and/or "device
ada" (not sure on the latter one).

You'll also need to make sure any of your old rc.conf, make.conf, config
files that reference ATA devices (/dev/adXX) etc. are all updated to
reflect the new device naming convention.

Finally, please be aware that when transitioning between FreeBSD
versions, you cannot 100% reliably/safely copy your old kernel
configuration file.  You really do need to go through and "migrate"
your kernel config to mimic what's in /sys/{arch}/conf/GENERIC.

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