Two problems still present in RC3

Brett Glass brett at
Fri Dec 9 18:01:50 UTC 2011

At 03:10 AM 12/9/2011, Johan Hendriks wrote:

>After a /etc/netstart, i get the following:
>ifconfig: create: bad value.

I get the "create: bad value" messages as well. What's more, if I 
change rc.conf to assign variables of the form ifconfig_*, such as


instead of using an ip_addrs_* variable, I still get those messages.

I have confirmed that if I run /etc/netstart after booting, I lose 
connectivity just as you do.

I recognize the challenge of specifying the network configuration 
in a declaratory rather than a procedural environment, because 
there are so many contingencies and possible combinations of 
parameters. But there doesn't seem to be any combination of 
variables I can assign in rc.conf that doesn't cause errors when I 
try to create VLANs.

--Brett Glass

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