Remote installing

Willem Jan Withagen wjw at
Sat Aug 20 11:15:15 UTC 2011


Today I liked to live dangerously, and want to upgrade a backups server 
from i386 to amd64. Just to see if we could.
And otherwise I'd scap it and install from usb-stick.

So I have my server running amd64 build GENERIC.
export /, /var, /usr on the server to be upgraded.

But upgrading world dus have a snag already early on:

empty changed
         flags expected "schg" found "none" not modified: Operation not 

This is probably where some program wants to set immutable flag on 

But looks like NFS does not grok that.

Now I seen plenty of sugestions to do it this way, but never saw anybody 
come back with this complaint....

So I must be ommiting something ??


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