System extremely slow under light load

Bartosz Fabianowski freebsd at
Mon Apr 25 23:41:10 UTC 2011

> The specified maximum CPU temperature is usually the same at the ACPI
> _CRT, not _PSV.  That is the temperature when an ACPI shutdown should be
> triggered, but TCC should kick in at some point below this.

This laptop is a replacement for an earlier one that had similar 
overheating issues. On that earlier laptop, Dell had managed to set 
_CRT=85°C with _PSV=95°C. This meant that the laptop did an emergency 
shutdown at 85°C *before* TCC got a chance to kick in at 95°C. At least 
on this one, _CRT=100°C and _PSV=95°C represent a more reasonable 

> It works to tell you that TCC is doing the job, but does not explain in
> any way why your CPU is so hot. I'll be very curious as to what you find
> when running another OS.

I experimented with a Debian Live CD. The results are here:

- Bartosz

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