buildworld FAIL.

Pawel Tyll ptyll at
Sat Apr 23 00:37:39 UTC 2011

Hi Jeremy,

> What tag are you following / FreeBSD version are you using?  I ask
> because you have a bunch of variables in make.conf that probably need to
> go into /etc/src.conf.
It's RELENG_8. 8-STABLE. Yeah, this make.conf kept growing in stuff
since like FBSD4 :)

> I just rebuild world and kernel last night on a few of our systems
> (RELENG_8) without any issue, and I did see in csup that some hast
> changes were pulled down.
Source tree is current as of 30 mins ago. And same thing happened to
me yesterday at night. I was hoping I wasn't alone and it'll get fixed
until now, but that didn't happen, hence my mail.

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