ZFS root on MB Intel S3420GP

Lystopad Olexandr laa at laa.zp.ua
Sun Apr 17 19:01:46 UTC 2011

 Hello, Jeremy Chadwick!

> > What about ahci_load="YES" after freebsd install? Is it too late?
> I don't recommend enabling ahci.ko after the OS has already been
> installed on an adX disk, simply because I believe the combination of
> GEOM+CAM+ahci may show different geometry details than GEOM+ata would.
> Note: I said "I believe", not "I can confirm/validate".  I could be
> completely wrong.  Rather than find out ( :-) ) I tend to try and do
> things consistently from the very beginning.
> So you can try it if you want, be my guest, report back.

Jeremy, I ask remote boy to reinstall freebsd ot that box with load
ahci in loader prompt and successfully get adaX deveices! Thanks.

I'll try to make zfs on ada{6,8,10} devices remotely with raidz1.


 Lystopad Olexandr 

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