background fsck high load on 8.1

Steven Hartland killing at
Tue Apr 12 16:03:26 UTC 2011

The cpu requirements are usually quite low for fsck, what your
most likely seeing is disk contention due to the amount of IO.

Personally I would recommend to consider moving to 8.2 + ZFS as
our filing system as it removes fsck from the equation, as well
as giving lots of other benefits.

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Subject: background fsck high load on 8.1

> Hello,
> we've experienced that background fsck on 8.1 degrades server performance on a higher degree than in previous fbsd versions 
> (6.3, 7.3; amd64).
> We've noticed it after upgrading - same hardware - to a 8.1-RELEASE.
> Now, performance of other services (i.e. apache, mysql) during a background fsck falls miserably.
> Is there any way to calm fsck down?, nice(1)?, some sysctl?
> We have also gmirror, but we prevent to rebuild it if there is a fsck running in background.

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